Rent price

Rental price Rent for shooting Event rental
Daytime (09:00 - 21:00) 800 UAH/hour 1700 UAH/hour
(21:00 - 09:00)
950 UAH/hour

Location description

The hall is completely isolated from daylight, which allows you to organize light shows and presentations. Also suitable for parties and entertaining events.

  • Area: 105 m², 15 m x 7 m
  • Ceiling height: 6 m
  • There are no windows in the hall
  • Corner black cyclorama. Width: 8 m, depth: 4.5 m, height: 5 m
  • Bending radius 1 meter
  • Velvet wall in carriage style
  • Black cage the size of a person
  • Black textured walls
  • Aluminum black carved throne
  • 220V sockets – 5 pcs, 380 V connection + extension cords for easy connection anywhere in the room
  • Make-up table with mirror and lighting, speakers for background music, air conditioning, Wi-Fi

Location characteristics

  • Зал полностью изолирован от дневного света. Позволяет организовывать световые шоу и презентации.
    Подходит для вечеринок и развлекательных мероприятий.

  • Угловая черная циклорама. Ширина: 8м, глубина: 4,5м, высота: 5м
    Радиус изгиба 1 метр
    Бархатная стена в стиле каретной стяжки
    Черные фактурные стены

  • Для поддержания целостности реквизита и порядка в зале, пожалуйста, обратите внимание:
    - Работа на циклораме допускается только в сменной, не «уличной» обуви, либо в бахилах.
    - Не перемещайте по поверхности циклорамы тяжёлые предметы с острыми краями во избежание повреждения покрытия.
    Благодарим за понимание!

  • Additional services

    Extra charge for the number of people (from 10 to 30 people) + 50%
    Extra charge for the number of people (from 30 to 50 people) + 100%
    Extra charge for the number of people (over 50 people) By prior arrangement
    Rent of the entire studio including the reception area (from 9.00 to 21.00) 60,000 UAH
    Rent of the entire studio including the reception area for the night (from 21.00 to 9.00) 60,000 UAH
    Painting the cyclorama at the request of the client from 6000 UAH
    Catering from 250 UAH/hour
    Unloading a car with open gates (doors) at street temperatures from 0 to +8 degrees Celsius 500 UAH/hour
    Unloading with open gates (doors) at street temperatures below 0 degrees 800 UAH/hour
    Linear meter of new/damaged background 350 UAH/meter
    Assistant, individual training from 500 UAH/hour
    Women's makeup - 1 look from 1300 UAH
    Make-up for men - 1 look from 800 UAH
    Children's makeup - 1 look from 500 UAH
    Hairstylist service from 500 UAH
    Shooting video with constant light power over 5 kW 7 UAH/kW*hour

    *When renting a dressing room at night (from 21-00 to 9-00), the cost increases to the night hall rental rate (950 UAH/hour) provided there are no other applications for renting halls at this time.